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We are a 4 man show, consisting of the husband and wife team, Charlie and Jen, and the dynamic duo of our 2 almost teen aged sons, Tyler and Damien. As Team Brotzman, we tend to all the animals personally every day. Our goats, ducks and chickens are the easiest to care for with our Berkshire pigs not too far behind, as they are out on pasture and grain fed with a side of hay. Amassing enough high-quality hay for the Fall and Winter months to keep our Angus happy is a summer long family affair. And there are always those times we are very thankful for the helping hands of our neighborly farmers. We’ve been known to sometimes get in over our heads. As if our farm isn’t enough fun, we also enjoy spending time together building beautiful custom cabinetry. For more information, please visit us at

Farm Family

As a family, we have experienced firsthand the benefits of an all-natural, wholesome lifestyle enhanced by compassionately raised animals using low-impact, sustainable best practices on our farm. Our mission is two-fold:

  • To ensure we have healthy and happy animals right up until it is their time to leave the farm. We are strictly grass-fed and grass-finished and we never use growth hormones or antibiotics on our animals.

  • To share the harvests from our farm and expand the network of healthy, happy eaters.

Farm Mission
Farm History

Brotzman's Century Farm has been owned by various family member's since the 1840's, It was originally an active dairy farm, milking Jersey's until 2011 when our parents retired. Shortly thereafter, we started with a herd of Angus and since that transition, our farm has grown in an organic manner along with our herds. We love what we do, and our intention is to ensure that Brotzman's Century Farm is carried on by our two sons for future generations.

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