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Funny Farm Offerings

We have many animals on our "Funny Farm"!

Here on the farm we have quite the variety of birds - chickens, ducks, guineas, and turkeys are free-range as they please.  Within the last year, we have started our Boer Goat collection with the addition of Dill and Doe who also live with a bucket-fed calf given to us by neighbor farmer for our sons to take care of. We love them all!

Assorted "Funny Farm" Animals & Other Goodies
Farrow to Finish Berkshire Pork

Registered Berkshire piglets, grown for pork, breeding stock, or even a pet if you like.  We have a custom mix made by Vern's Feed & Supply that nourishes our happy pigs.  They are wormed naturally with Diatomaceous earth that is mixed into their daily feed.  In addition, during the Summer months, they snack on the additional produce out of our bountiful, family garden.  Every one of our pigs have names and like our Beefers, we enjoy spending quality time caring for and enjoying their antics. 

We offer healthy, Angus beef for sale by the quarter, half, or whole. We do not believe in giving grain to our beef herd, so you can trust that the beef you will be eating is not only grass-fed but also grass-finished. Our Beefers live a good life knowing warm, caring human interaction and are treated with respect until it is their turn to leave the farm for, as it’s known on our Funny Farm, “freezer camp”.  We use local butchers and offer delicious dry-aging for a very unique taste and experience. The processing includes custom cuts and packaging to your specifications. 

Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Angus Beef

During the Winter months we tend to a few hundred maple taps for our version of maple syrup, thick and sweet. Yum!

As we continue to expand the genetics within our grass-fed line, we now can offer some of our herd for breeding or for purchase, whether it be our older cows for breeding purposes or our Heifers or Bulls for sale.

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